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Spring Jigging Areas For Musky

There are many areas that will produce spring Muskies with jigs. The common denominator is food. If there are other fish in the area such as walleyes, bass, or pan fish, it will undoubtedly be a spring Musky hotspot. Newly emerging weeds are big producers of bass, pike, and walleyes in the springtime. Jigging the weeds has become a ritual for thousands of Midwest anglers. Many "accidental" musky catches occur in this situation. But it’s not the only place to bag a spring ‘lunge...More

Early Season Musky Tips For Bucktails

Real early spring musky fishing will generally be slow until the fish have spawned and some warmer weather hits. However, when the fish finally do become active, the best approach seems to be smaller lures including smaller bucktails. When I say small, I am generally referring to lure lengths of fewer than 5 inches...More

Slop Musky On Plastics

Early season Musky success is often measured by the number of fish following lures 6-8 feet behind. With short hits common and cold water temps still keeping fish lethargic, fishing can be fruitless without a system. On my daily occupational drive there is plenty of time to review mental notes of the prior weekend's fishing experiences. For example, recently I recalled a strange early season incident on a lake I had guided on for seven years...More

Tackle Management: Inventory Time

It’s time to inventory all the baits that we have in order to make our time on the water productive. You are probably thinking that this is almost an impossible task. I thought that at first too. If you are like the average musky fisherman (If there is such a creature), you have many weapons, some call them tools, in your cherished collection...More

Picking The Right Rod For Muskie

If you are a newcomer to Muskie fishing it's easy to pick a rod to catch Muskie with. If you are a regular Muskie fisherman, you are too set in your ways to make a change and nothing will convince you otherwise. But just for the heck of it, try a lighter rod one day, and notice with what ease you will be fishing and at the end of the day you won't feel so tired out...More

Tackle Industries Rods

Looking for a rod for the 2018 season?…Consider any of the Tackle Industries Rods on the Jackson Lures Online Store.

I field tested the 7’6” MH Medium (Medium Action) in 2017 and I was not disappointed. The full-grip rod was easy to handle and light enough to cast all day...More

Where Is Spring???

I am sure that you have all noticed the lack of "soft water" in the Northern parts of America. I am confident that Walleye fishermen are going ‘Shack Happy’ as their opening day expectations are still under 18 to 22 inches of ice as many resorts have had to reschedule their May bookings. Musky anglers too, are wondering just what the late ice out is going to mean to the coming season...More

Early Season Musky Approaches

With the water temperature hovering just over the 60 degree mark, the fish seemed quite lethargic and were really holding tight, right in the thickest weeds. Faster moving lures like bucktails or topwater lures just didn't get their attention. Yet, if you slowly twitched a minnow type bait through the pockets or holes in the thick weed cover, you had better have a good grip on your rod...More

Some Fishing Tips

This is one for the summer angler who plans on fishing walleye next May. Weed growth is at its peak in July and August. Locate weed beds on your favorite walleye lake for the following spring. Smart walleye fishermen realize that newly emerging weeds are prime early season walleye hot spots. Scout on a clear day. Put on your polarized sunglasses and cruise the shoreline...More

Making Sure Your Drag Works

Probably the most important tool of Musky fishing is your reel and the most important function of your reel is the drag system. When you are in the heat of a confrontation with a Musky, you must be able to “play” the fish. That means that you must be able to give it line to prevent straightening a hook and keep pressure on the Musky to prevent it from throwing a hook. Your reel’s drag system is an indispensible element to successfully boating a Musky...More

How Many Musky Anglers Are There?

I have to take exception to the pronouncement by Muskies, Inc. that there are over 400,000 Muskie anglers and by the WDNR citing 480,000 Musky anglers. The pronouncement from Muskies, Inc. was part of a letter sent out to the Muskies, Inc. membership and the WDNR pronouncement was included in a "Good News" paper from the WDNR. I do not know how Muskies, Inc. came up with that number and, if you ask them, they can provide no specifics regarding certified statistical polling. The WDNR provided no certified statistics to support their claim. Since there is no legitimate polling, the 400,000/480,000 numbers can only be an unsubstantiated estimate...More

Putting A Hook Hanger To Work !!!

The hooks hanger is typically used as a method to suspend a hook from the body of your lure. The draw back to the hook hanger is the possibility that the screws will, over time, back out (When was the last time you checked them for snugness). The alternate method for suspending a hook from your lure is through the use of a screweye; the screweye too has the potential to loosen over time. Enter the hook hanger again. You can easily modify a hook hanger and use it to prevent a screweye from backing out...More