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Tackle Industries Rods

Looking for a rod for the 2018 season?…Consider any of the Tackle Industries Rods on the Jackson Lures Online Store.

I field tested the 7’6” MH Medium (Medium Action) in 2017 and I was not disappointed. The full-grip rod was easy to handle and light enough to cast all day...More

Beware - Tax Scam Website

I recently received an unsolicited Email from

First – This is not a government website and I have not filed a tax return appeal. Also, the Email does not address me by name which is a major SCAM tip off.


If you go to, you are taken to a website which is a commercial tax consultant service.


Winter Is Upon Us !!!

The evenings are getting colder and ice is already creeping its way out from the shore. The Musky season is over on the Chippewa Flowage once the ice is in. Many Musky anglers also enjoy the winter season on the Chippewa Flowage. The Hayward area is host to some of the best cross-country skiing anywhere. Snowmobiling is also high on the list of winter enthusiasts. Musky America would like you to consider these two fine resorts as you make your winter plans...More

Winter Storage Rods, Reels & Other Stuff

I have gotten some Email concerning the storage of Muskie equipment during the cold off season period. I have done a little research and offer the following for your consideration:


Tackle Management: Inventory Time

It’s time to inventory all the baits that we have in order to make our time on the water productive. You are probably thinking that this is almost an impossible task. I thought that at first too. If you are like the average musky fisherman (If there is such a creature), you have many weapons, some call them tools, in your cherished collection...More

Can A Release Be A Musky Record?

There have been many articles that demonstrate that there is reason to re-consider the advisability of a record category for Musky that are released.

Indeed, there isn't a person out there reading this that doesn't have access to a computer or to someone who has a computer. Computers make it easy to manipulate data regardless of whether that data is text based or graphic based. The availability and affordability of programs that can "enhance" a graphic image and even produce a photo negative brings into question whether one can actually believe what is seen.

The concept of a record category for released Musky is an interesting thought but it just doesn't work...More

We Reserve The Right

Musky America has received a fair amount of Email regarding some of our articles and commentary that are related to Musky Hunter Magazine and the public positions of some Musky notables. There appears to be a perception that Musky America Publications has a less than affectionate opinion of Musky Hunter Magazine and that we hold those Musky notables in low regard. That perception is wrong...More

Rich Reinert - Wisconsin Musky Expo Organizer

With all of the other Musky shows that punctuate the off season, I was curious why Rich Reinert decided to make the personal commitment required to organize a successful Musky Expo. To satisfy my curiosity, I sat down with Rich to get his perspective. I asked Rich what motivated him to create the Wisconsin Musky Expo.

"Well, to be honest, I was disappointed with the way the usual Musky Expos had evolved.  Being a Northern Wisconsin resident, I found myself having to brave the winter weather to drive to Chicago or Milwaukee and found myself seeing the same large retailers and hearing the same spiel from the same seminar speakers. I thought to myself; I Can Do Better."...More

Fishing Record Keeping Organizations

Some of you may have caught wind of an effort to establish a modern day muskellunge world record program from news releases, magazine articles and perhaps from speaking with folks at the Musky shows.

I thought that a brief comparison of the existing organizations to the new program would be helpful as you decide where to register your world record Musky...More

Catch & Release - Some Straight Talk

This article is going to make a lot of people angry but it's time for some straight talk about catch and release and the negative effect that it is having on the Musky fisheries in Wisconsin. As most of you know who follow the Musky issues in Wisconsin, there is a philosophy being put forward by the Wisconsin DNR to have a universal size limit of 50 inches for musky on all Wisconsin Musky lakes. That is just plain stupid…actually a 50 inch size limit is stupid. You would think that people educated in fishery biology would have a better grasp of what it takes to have a healthy and productive Musky fishery...More

WDNR Talks Through Its Butt...Again

he Wisconsin DNR recently sent out its annual self serving notice regarding the “Good News” about the increase in Musky angling in Wisconsin. The notice included a link to the “2012 Muskellunge Management Update” from Madison which is authored by Tim Simonson. I am sure that Mr. Simonson is a very nice person and he has penned an interesting information document…unfortunately it is long on estimates based upon opinions rather than on verifiable facts. His report claims that 480,000 people in Wisconsin are fishing for Musky…C’mon Man...More

Quick Strike Rigs

For many years the use of live baits such as very large suckers has been an accepted method for fall Musky. Along with this tradition came the idea that Muskies caught with live bait should be killed, since they were most often "gut hooked". The catch and release concept has made a real improvement in our Musky fisheries over the past few decades, and the technology in quickstrike (QS) rigging live-bait is totally compatible with this line of thinking...More