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The 2017 Chicago Musky Show - Anything But Convenient

Last year they moved the Milwaukee Musky Expo to a new venue, which kind of didn’t go very well.

As you may have heard, the "so called Chicago Musky Expo" will be held in a different venue in 2017. I refer to it as the "so called Chicago Musky Expo" because it is actually being held in St. Charles Illinois at Pheasant Run.

Having grown up in the area, I can honestly say that the venue is very nice…But having grown up in the area, I can also say that this will be a nightmare to get to given that it is NOT freeway close and the explosion in the local traffic...More

A New Face for the Musky Angler

Each year there has been a change in what has come to be known as the ‘typical’ Muskie angler. I noticed the change at Muskie Shows over the past few years. You are longer fighting your way through the isles at Musky shows. The crush of Musky anglers has dwindled to a relative trickle a bit each year and they are somewhat better dressed, there are father/son duos and they seem to be more interested in finding someone who could put them on to a fish rather than discovering the tactics and methods that would allow them to find their own quarry...More

A Few Words About Bucktails

The Bucktail Spinner is probably the lure most used by fishermen regardless of the species of fish for which they fish. It is most used because it is the easiest lure to use…you just cast it out and reel it back in. You don’t have to do anything to enhance presentation like you do for surface, jerk or crank/twitch baits.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Bucktail to cast:..More

Night Time Is The Right Time

As the season progresses into mid-summer with water temperatures staying in the in the 80 degree range, even the best fishermen see their success on the water drop faster than a 1 ounce jig head. Fishermen have to contend not only with high water temperatures but must also share the water with pleasure boats, water skiers, and the ever present whining of the jet ski. With all this stacked against the fisherman, night fishing should be considered by all avid anglers...More

Late Summer Flowage Tactics

Sure we all like to catch those super active Muskies in shallow water. But how about those days or even weeks in the mid to late summer when the shallows seem to be devoid of any Muskies, much less active ones? One could schedule fishing only during low light periods such as early morning, late evening, or even at night...More

Some Fishing Tips

With catch and release fishing, many well meaning anglers keep their catch out of the water longer than necessary. If your boat is equipped with a live well, simply remove hooks from the Musky’s jaw while keeping the fish and the net in the water. Then place your hand along the gill plate, removing the fish from the net and placing it in the live well (pre-filled of course). This will give the fish time to regain its strength and allow you/or your fishing partner time to ready the camera...More

A Formula For Success

Most Musky anglers are obsessed with getting that "edge" that will translate into their "personal best" Musky. To that end, we consume as much information as we can about the Musky habitat, Musky ecology, Musky lures, Musky tactics as well as the rods, reels and electronics. We consume so much information that it is inevitable that some of it gets lost as we battle water, weather and equipment...More

Insight Into The Decades - By Tony Rizzo

I guide a lot in Wisconsin, so it may not be the same in Canada. I made a graph of the decades in my book "Secrets of a Muskie Guide 2" to and "The Summer Muskie Book" showing that the fishing was best when the decades were in these 10 year increments...More

Musky On The Spot

The beauty of regularly fishing the same body of water is that, over time, you get the opportunity to catch fish in many different weather conditions. If you are diligent and keep a good diary of these catches, you can use that diary to provide a “clue” as to where to fish when weather conditions change drastically...More


Too many Musky anglers under estimate the effectiveness of surface lures and, all too often, are found possessing only a spattering of token surface baits in their tackle boxes - lures which commonly collect more dust than teeth marks. Contrary to what some anglers may think, surface bait fishing for Musky is not solely restricted to just the shallow, darker water, lakes and flowages, nor is it a thing of the past...More

Everything Went Wrong

By the time I got back to Indian Trail Resort, the wind had picked up and was blowing out of the West at about 25 miles per hour. By all of the conventional wisdom, Musky are more likely than not to be on the move when the wind is up…the down side is that you have to fight the wind when casting as well as deal with the question of boat control. Unfortunately, some times we find ourselves spending more time engaging boat control in a heavy wind than actually fishing...More

Secret Lures Of The Chippewa Flowage

Wisconsin’s Chippewa Flowage has a reputation as a tough body of Musky water. It’s 15,300 acres of water that are punctuated with islands and floating bogs, along with water of varying turbidity, present the Musky angler with a formidable puzzle for success on the water...More

Slop Musky On Plastics

Early season Musky success is often measured by the number of fish following lures 6-8 feet behind. With short hits common and cold water temps still keeping fish lethargic, fishing can be fruitless without a system. On my daily occupational drive there is plenty of time to review mental notes of the prior weekend's fishing experiences. For example, recently I recalled a strange early season incident...More


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