Musky America Magazine June 2024 Edition

a musky’s light appetite in this early season.

using a small jig and minnow combination…Most of the time a while they’re hooked in the lip and tangle with a good

most often is the resort business…a business This is the fish that has completely changed people’s lives. It has

Chip’s track record says it all…look at the Musky charts – hung up on stumps…you’ll find fish hanging around these spots. remnant vegetation, you’ll be on your way to finding fish.

2 feet…then let them rise to the surface. Mepps Marabou. I’ll locate fish cribs on my electronics, and hanging around these underwater ‘fast food buffets’ can be

had been fishing for about 2 weeks…well, the wind made it “dance card” of spots that have produced fish in the past…some successes and some I hit my first “dance card” spot and threw everything I could over and around the weed bed that was off an island point…No Luck. #2, I noticed some folks haunting the spot…they weren’t fishing

‘Musky dance’. I got anxious because the fish was not hooked well. I tried to horse it into the net…I lost the fish on a memory of last year’s failure still was lulled into the routine of casting and retrieving…not really The Musky hit and immediately dove down. I couldn’t see the

surface. I gasped…it was a nice big fish. The Musky went down hadn’t seen how well it was hooked. I tussled with it for a bit and hand, I was doing the ‘Musky dance’ The fish was still ‘green’ and I couldn’t safely get my hand under the boat while it was still in the net, something I just don’t like to

Lure Selection...A Monthly Profile

Musky Lure Selection...A Weather Profile

morning…. Your day of fishing has been cut short…You are embarrassed by your partners boat etiquette…. This may sound familiar to nt. We never got out on the water that day…Bummer! in the water…Bummer!

and tuned to pristine excellence…All this in temperature creeps slowly from the 40’s toward the mid 50

off to their favorite Chippewa Flowage Muskie water…sometimes ‘matching the hatch’ and turned away from the boat rather than toward it…he actually

I was pumped…The first fish of the season and within shouting morning prize. It measured in at 32 inches…not a big fish but a see if the day had other Muskie adventures awaiting me…

Musky Fisherman’s Net Dilemma themselves…not the least of which is landing the Musky. procedure as “doing the Musky dance”.

during Musky season, he "isn’t all there." He is better served if my husband went fishing and I didn’t. This suits — definitely isn’t mine. so we adopted the call, "If it makes him happy…"

ppy…. The current argument about the world record musky doesn’t and even personal rancor involved. I think it’s time for a reality — — — to find actual evidence that he didn’t. Any disagreement with the

available evidence, it appears that he did. If he didn’t, there — someone’s interpretation. him happy…. don’t gossip. They women over incredibly petty issues. I’m tempted to call this a — I don’t think I am.

Bucktails...For Some A Primary Lure

How Much Does A Good Bucktail Cost?

Early Season Musky Approaches By: John Myhre © 2020

Are All Bucktails Created Equal?

shows…treble hooks dressed with a twister

part…while holding the twister tail

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If you find yourself in need of “ term”