Musky America Magazine

fishing rod, I watched the other fisherman to see how well he was covering the water. I reasoned that if he was not covering the area around the island with a good overlapping casting pattern, the water he was working could hold an overlooked Muskie. Many a Muskie fisherman has had his hopes/ego bruised by seeing another fisherman raising and even boating a Muskie from water that he had just covered. I started a slow troll around the island that I was working, casting my surface bait from 12 feet of water over the top of the submerged sand and weed bar jutting out from the tip of the island. The other fisherman was working his way toward me and I toward him. Courtesy demanded that one of us alter our course and, since it was obvious that the other fisherman was not an accomplished Musky angler, the responsibility for courtesy was mine. I altered my troll so that we would miss each other in a figure eight around the island, thereby assuring each of us some virgin water. I crossed the shallow channel between the two islands and moved to the deep channel side of the other island. I tossed my surface lure over the fallen wood that fingered out from the