Musky America Magazine October 2023 Edition

MATCH THE HOOKS TO THE BAIT SIZE For many years the consensus was that one should use as large a hook as possible for Muskies, but in actual fact the bigger the hook, the harder it is to drive home into a Musky's bony jaw. Smaller hooks set much easier. When rigging, use treble hooks that are just big enough to have exposed hook points after being rigged on a sucker minnow. Here is a list of treble hook sizes for corresponding bait lengths. BAIT SIZE Hook SIZE 8" - 10" #l or #2 11" - 15" #1/O or #2/0 16" - 18" #3/O or #4/0 My personal preference is for 12" to 14" size suckers. The huge size, 18" and over suckers usually don't work very well with quick strike rigs because their body is too thick to get good hook exposure and they are so strong that they often tear the hooks out of themselves. When using the smaller sized hooks I always use heavy duty models to prevent straightening or crushing. Remember needle-sharp hooks are a must, so always sharpen them.