Musky America Magazine

NOTE: A significant contributor to line fray of Spectra line is related to the line itself. A side effect of the line's tough characteristic is that it is abrasive. (If you have tried to break the line by pulling on it you have experienced how easily it cuts into your skin.) When you cast, the line rubs against your rod guides, especially the guide at the tip of your rod. Over time, this rubbing action will cause your rod guides to develop irregularities that catch on the line as it passes through the rod guides causing the line to fray. The rounder the line, the more likely it will be to cut into your rod guides, especially your rod tips. The credo of the Muskie angler is "Re-tie Often". This applies to TUF-Line as well as any other line you may use. You should have a sharp knife or scissors to cut the line (bare hands or teeth are not an option). The collapsible scissors shown here work very well and you can get them at most any sewing fabric store. I hope these tips are helpful. Tight Lines