Musky America Magazine October 2023 Edition

I cut the tips from the Owner 3/0 Stinger treble hooks and got prepared to pull the fish from the net of a measurement and a quick couple of photos. Rob was ready with the camera and had already placed the ruler in a convenient location for a quick measurement of the fish. This beefy guy measured in at 38.5 inches…A respectable fish in anyone’s book. A couple of photos later, I had the fish back in the water waiting for him to regain his senses and move off on his own…The cooler water helped to facilitate a quick recovery and with a wag of his tail he was off to Muskyland. Lessons Learned: • When the weather changes, tactics must change. • Your fishing partner’s perspective is important. • A fishing diary can be a valuable tool. • Single marker fishing in open water is productive. Tight lines