Musky America Magazine October 2023 Edition

Musky On The Spot By Craig Sandell © 2014 When the water temperature falls to the low 60’s during the fall, pre-turnover tactics come into play. For the fish, there is no advantage to being suspended in deep water or up on the bars or on sprawling food shelves. The surface water temperature is pretty homogeneous, and conditions tend to spread the fish out. After some high temperatures in the first week of September 2007, the climate took a nosedive. The water temperature dropped from the mid-70’s to the low 60’s in less than a week and fishing became very difficult. The beauty of regularly fishing the same body of water is that, over time, you get the opportunity to catch fish in many different weather conditions. If you are diligent and keep a good diary of these catches, you can use that diary to provide a “clue” as to where to fish when weather conditions change drastically. So, when my fishing partner, Rob Meusec, suggested that we fish an evening location that he and I had never fished, I checked my diary for some insight and the Flowage map that I have been marking up since 1989. I came up with a sub-surface rock hump that topped out at 2.5 feet from a depth of 24 feet. Even though I told Rob where we were going to fish, when we actually got to the spot, Rob said: “Where the heck are we.” His confusion was amplified as he saw me throw a single marker off the back of the boat.