Musky America Magazine

tend to produce more flash when the bait is twitched, and baits that have lots of flash tend to trigger more strikes. This season if you would like to get the jump on some big fish early, give this pattern a try. If you hit it right you could be in for some terrific big Musky action. Just remember though, get a good hold on your rod. When you do get a big fish to come out of the weeds after a lure, they really mean business and the strikes can be vicious. By Craig Sandell © 2016 All through what seemed like the never ending grip of winter, Muskie anglers have been aching for the sound of open water lapping the shore lines of their favorite Muskie lake. During the off-season, hooks have been sharpened, lures have been repaired, tackle boxes have been reorganized and reels have been cleaned and tuned to pristine excellence…All this in preparation for that special moment when Muskie and angler meet. Spring is a very interesting time of the season. As the water temperature creeps slowly from the 40’s toward the mid 50 degree spawning temperature, Muskie begin to shake off their winter trance as they look for a little "love" and a good meal. Muskie anglers wait patiently for the opening of the season and when it finally happens, they are quick to join the hunt. On this early spring morning in June, I too took to the water to dip a line