Musky America Magazine October 2023 Edition

so we had lots of options for lure selection. The overcast, rainy and relatively calm wind conditions made surface baits, bucktails and twitching crank baits all good choices. As 6:00 am rolled around, we began our slow troll from the 11 foot edge up toward the shallower areas of the bar where weeds were in evidence. Even though the water on the Chippewa Flowage was down about 24 inches, we could still fish over the top of the weeds on this particular bar. Rob elected to toss a small black Skimmer with a green blade, and I put on a black and yellow Best American Topper. As we fished our way into the shallows, the persistent drizzle was almost refreshing in the mid-60 degree temperature. I commented to Rob that I had had success on this bar in these conditions throwing a yellow surface lure and that I felt good about our chances to produce a fish. Rob chided me with a friendly comment: “I have heard that before.” We were now about 50 minutes into working over this spot and Rob began to bulge his Skimmer over the weeds that populated the shallower water. I tossed my topper toward the edge of the weed line and began my retrieve when I felt a slight resistance on the lure. It could have been a weed or the characteristic nip of a small mouth bass…I just kept the lure coming at the slow methodical pace that is encouraged by so many good Chippewa Flowage fishermen. A couple more cranks of the reel and a Musky was all over the lure. I set the hook and the water foamed as the Musky sought to make his getaway.