Musky America Magazine

number of guides working together so they "pool" their knowledge and produce fish for clients on a regular basis. Spending a small amount of time with a quality guide service can provide information about the lake, active fish and hot baits. Even though you may have already fished the lake several times, a local guide will still be very important in supplying you with the information about what's happening at the precise time you are there and what you can expect in the days to come. This will cut down on "search" time and allow you to spend more productive time on the water during your vacation. Add to the normal pre-trip preparation by spending some time with a local professional that knows his waters and all the specific quirks of the targeted species on that body of water. This will increase your odds of landing the fish of a lifetime. Pick his brain while you are there, write the information down in your own log. Learn as much as you can and remember to practice good fish management by releasing your muskies healthy and unharmed. Help ensure the future of fishing, remember to practice CPR, Catch, Photo, Release.