Musky America Magazine May 2024 Edition

You will need snaps and swivels. A #5 snap is a pretty good choice since it has good strength and will not add a lot of weight to the leader. You can get #5 snaps from almost any fishing catalog. Swivels are an item that deserve a little thought. A swivel is not a solid piece of metal and represents the potential to be a "weak link" in you tackle. If you are convinced that you need a swivel, buy a good one. A good one will cost about $1.50 each, however they are made very well and worth the price. Tools are the next order of business. In addition to round nose pliers and wire cutters, you will need a method to wrap the wire evenly to close each end of the leader. You will also need a good tool to twist the tag ends of your wire like the one pictured here. Why should you make your own leader? You can always buy a couple if you need them. Well, that is not always true. Sometimes the local resort does not have leaders available, sometimes the local tackle shop may be out of stock or may not have the exact configuration that you have come to regard with high confidence. There is no substitute for being able to make a