Musky America Magazine

hit the lure and turned away from the boat rather than toward it…he actually set the hook on himself. This was not a big fish but it was the first fish of the Muskie season. It hit about 15 feet from the boat and did a little dance on the water trying to dislodge the topper from its jaw. I kept the line tight and slowly coaxed the fish toward the boat to be netted. With rod in one hand and the net in the other, I performed the "dance of the lone Muskie angler" as I prepared to lead the Muskie into the net. The fish came up along side the boat and swaggered right into the waiting net. I was pumped…The first fish of the season and within shouting distance of the dock. Leaving the fish in the net, I cut the hooks of the topper and prepared to measure and photograph my misty morning prize. It measured in at 32 inches…not a big fish but a nice way to start the season. After a picture or two the Muskie was back in the water and on its way. I took a deep breath, rearranged the boat, pulled up the trolling motor and motored off into the what remained of the morning mist to see if the day had other Muskie adventures awaiting me… Tight Lines