Musky America Magazine July 2024 Edition

PRESENTATIONS FOR RIVER MUSKIES Because much of river fishing is in or around heavy cover, bucktails or surface lures are usually a first choice. Shallow running crankbaits worked much like a surface lure come in a close second. When working around deeper structure or the deep pool areas, jerkbaits and deeper running crank- baits are also good options. Since Muskies utilize current shelters as ambush points, they nearly always expect their prey to come from upstream, so retrieve accordingly. This retrieve angle is very important when fishing rivers. Always try to position yourself so that casts are upstream, bringing the lure either down current or across the current as shown in figure 2. By doing this you will get the most natural presentation which usually results in more Muskies. FINDING A RIVER Most of the time a letter or a phone call to the State Department of Natural Resources will provide you with a list of some rivers that contain Muskies. Many smaller rivers that feed into some of the larger well-known musky rivers also hold Muskies. Usually some real big fish opportunities exist here.