Musky America Magazine October 2023 Edition

Taxidermy…An Imperfect Art By Craig Sandell © 2020 It is a useless exercise to try to obtain accurate measurements from a non-replica mount. The only accurate measurements are those taken, recorded and witnessed when the fish was caught. No doubt that many of you have been assaulted by yet another round of vendetta inspired Musky show presentations, press releases and conjured reports from Larry Ramsell and the obscure organization with which he is associated, regarding the Cal Johnson World Record Musky. It is truly sad that Larry has chosen to squander his reputation on these transparent attempts to bring into doubt the quality catches of someone of the stature of Cal Johnson. Recently, Larry has used his presentation regarding the recent 57" Muskie catch by another Muskie angler as a platform for his unsubstantiated and vitriolic ranting, thereby cheapening what could have been an entertaining account of a great Muskie adventure. It is certainly easy to attack the dead...they cannot defend themselves. A significant weight is assigned by Larry to his analysis of the 57 year old mount of Cal's World Record. Larry will tell you that he has done taxidermy and then tries to use his brief excursion in taxidermy as a credential to make his pronouncements and unfounded allegations seem credible...As a taxidermist, Larry is an excellent Musky angler. For any of you who have had a fish mounted (not a replica), you may have noticed that the fish didn’t look exactly like the picture