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• I was fortunate to have picked up on the Muskie pattern of fish on sand and weed bars in wind protected water. • I was fortunate to have taken the time to position the net where I could have easy access. • I was fortunate to have put into practice the knowledge from Muskie articles that preach persistence when working an area with good potential for a Muskie. • The Muskie was fortunate to have been caught by someone with a compound bolt cutter and a catch and release mentality. All in all, it was an excellent way to end a great day on the water. Tight Lines Increasing Your Odds By Tony Grant © 2004 Kentucky Mountain Guide Service Some of the most overlooked items in your first few trips to any muskie lake is probably going to be current conditions, location of boat landings, follows from active fish, and the lures recently being used by the local anglers to entice these predators. Assuredly, the most important thing you need to know is where