Musky America Magazine July 2024 Edition

Twitch, Jerk and Glide By Al Denninger © 2006 Muskie fishing and jerkbaits go hand in hand, but what style jerkbait to use and when to use it? Make no mistake about it, jerkbaits can and do produce well all season long. When Fall comes round, they can really get hot. Every tackle company seems to have one, Bobbie, Eddie, Teddie, Mikey…if you don’t have one named after you, hang in there…I am sure it won’t be long in coming. With all of the different jerkbaits to pick from, just what do you look for before laying down your hard earned money? Twitch Baits Most have lips, like hard Lexan or metal, such as the Slammer Crane or Hi-Finn Sidewinder. You can use these baits two ways. Crank it in with a steady retrieve or use it in a pull/rest method. This seems to work the best in September, when water temperatures are still in the 60° range or in the summer months. Using rapid pulls or jerks in quick succession all the way back to the boat is the best producing tactic for early fall or summer Musky. As the season progresses, try slowing the bait speed way down. I pull the bait down with a medium speed jerk, then I let the bait float up and break the surface. Then a pull down again makes a