Musky America Magazine

I started Musky fishing in 1967. In the beginning, I fished about 10 days per year, the same lake with the same guys. As I progressed with my passion, I added a few more days, a few more lakes and a few more partners. My trips were always North of my home in Northern Illinois averaging about 6-8 hours of driving. I'm not complaining, these trips were always a great time. The anticipation of an upcoming trip is something all of us really get into. The adrenaline is flowing-YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!! This scenario went on until 1996, almost 30 years. (Wow, where does the time go) Then something changed. I joined a local Musky club. The club I joined was the Fox River Valley Chapter of Muskies, Inc. located in Northern Illinois not far from where I live. I was very apprehensive at first. I knew I was a pretty good Musky fisherman and wondered how I would be accepted into a club with a pretty good reputation. I joined the club and went to the meetings and really kept a low profile. I watched and listened to what was going on and pretty much kept to myself. I really learned a lot with my eyes and ears open. I felt no pressure from anyone. I looked forward to the next meetings, the newsletter, the guest speakers and of course my copy of Muskie Magazine. Then in June, the club sponsored what was called "An instructional outing." This is where a new member is paired up with a veteran and they take you out for a day (Kind of like a guide for a day). The guys were terrific. Well that was the beginning. Let me explain how things have changed: