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come to realize that there is no ‘magic bullet’ to being successful at Muskie angling. To all of you who are trying out the adventure that is Muskie angling…WELCOME! I would, however, submit to you that although the thrill of having a Muskie on the line is exhilarating, the thrill of actually planning a hunt, executing that plan and catching a Muskie that you discovered is an experience that will enrich you all your life. I’ll see you on the water. SHOULD YOU JOIN A LOCAL FISHING CLUB? By: Rob Meusec © 2010 How many days do you spend on the water Musky fishing? How many different bodies of water do you fish in a year? How many different people do you share a boat within a given year? How many different strategies do you employ while fishing for Muskies? If your answers to these questions seem to be on the low side, then maybe you should consider joining a local Musky club. Let me explain.