Musky America Magazine July 2024 Edition

6. When you’re ready to return the fish to the water don't just drop them in and hope for the best. Lower the fish in the water and hold it by the tail. Slowly work the fish forward and back to move water through the gills to get oxygen moving in them again. This will take a minute or two and maybe longer depending on how long the fish was fought and water temp. Usually you'll start to feel the fish revive and get ready to swim away. After the fish drifts back to its home is a good time to re-tie your line, change our your leader, inspect your lures split rings, and hooks. Do this in the area you released the fish and keep an eye out in case the Muskie comes back up. Muskie fishing is unlike any other type of fishing and anglers have an obligation to protect this fishery for generations to come. Good Fishing.