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struggle. I firmly believe that the potential for a bad net job when fishing by one's self is very high. I will be buying another lighter net to use when I am fishing alone. I have not decided upon a net as of yet but it will certainly be one with a coated bag. Many of my fellow "Musky Wizards" have suggested that I look at the Frabill net and I will certainly give them a look. 2013 Update - Well, I went and bought a Frabill net to use when I am fishing by myself and it worked very well. But then the thought struck me...would the Beckman Fin Saver bag fit on the Frabill frame? I carefully took the bags off each net frame and then strung the Beckman bag onto the Frabill frame. It worked very well...I now had a Musky friendly net bag on a net frame I could use handily.