Musky America Magazine

Let’s Talk Musky Rods Rods are prominently displayed at any Musky show or sporting goods outlets. You will find rods that range in sizes up to 9 feet with flexible action to broom stick and everything in between. In recent years, rod manufacturers have concentrated on making their rods out of graphite or some composite of materials that includes graphite. They cite the sensitivity of the graphite rod and the sturdy advantage when fighting a fish. The trend away from fiber glass has been so effective that you will be hard pressed to find a fiber glass rod on the shelf. This season, my friend Rich Reinert handed me a 7 foot fiber glass rod and told me to give it a whirl. Upon holding the rod, I was struck by the light weight of the rod. I have always been told that fiber glass rods were heavy and hard to handle but this rod had none of those kinds of draw backs. Rich pointed out that the characteristic of the fiber glass rod to be a bit more flexible was, in his opinion, a definite advantage. He pointed out that the sturdy nature of a graphite rod can lead to actually pulling the hook out of the fish’s mouth during the struggle to get it in the net. Rich explained that the give of the fiber glass rod actually made it easier to fight the fish regardless of its head shakes and sky rocketing. Well, Rich is an accomplished Musky angler and guided for many years in Sawyer, Vilas and Oneida counties in Wisconsin, so it would be foolish to ignore his insight. Per Rich’s suggestion, I configured the fiber glass rod as a surface bait rod using 80pound Tuf-line on an Abu Garcia 6600SSc3 reel.