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In Boat Lure Management All these lures! Bucktails, jerk baits, crank baits, surface baits, spinnerbaits, jigs, soft plastics, sucker rigs, leaders, rain gear, tools... How do I organize all this stuff ? If you are like me, I’ve asked myself that same question about a thousand times. Quite frankly, it’s a very difficult situation. If you have your own boat with an unlimited number of cubbies to stow away your stuff, this might not seem to be a problem. I have had the opportunity to fish with a lot of folks that have big rigs with storage cavities just about everywhere in their boat. They carry every lure they own. They have big boxes, small boxes, buckets, bags, lure tubes, hanging racks and just about every possible combination imaginable. If you own a boat and have the convenience of space, consider yourself lucky. You can go out on the water with everything you own and be prepared for any situation that may come up, assuming you can remember where everything is. Not all of us fall into that category. What about the guy who rents a boat for a week from a resort and wants to fish seriously for his beloved Musky ? How does he go about storing what he needs to get the job done? A 14 foot resort boat doesn’t have cubbies, hanging racks or any built-ins at all! We definitely have a problem here. I would like to make an assumption here. We can’t use all our baits at the same time . You know what I mean. You’re a Musky fisherman. You’re intelligent. You know that certain baits are used at certain times. You have a plan for the day. You know that fishing weedbeds in the early morning is a good call on the particular lake you are on. As the day progresses if the sun is high you move to the weedline. My point is, you only need the baits that fit your plan on a given part of the day. Since you can’t take it all with you, what do you do ? The best method of organizing is breaking your gear down to manageable numbers with a specific goal in mind. Let me illustrate this point. About six years ago I fished with a guy named Ben. We rented a 12 foot resort boat and went Musky fishing for about 4