Late Season Tactics

Inline Feathered Spinners Craig Sandell © 2013 Feathered inline spinner baits (commonly known as a Feathertail) come in a few versions. There are different approaches to the dressing of the hooks for inline bucktails. In recent years, the use feather dressing to create that ‘recently blow dried’ look has been employed as has the use of hackle feathers. Bryon's Musky Tickler is a truly innovative approach to the feathertail. Bryon's Musky Tickler is a feathertailed inline spinner that has two different sized Colorado blades which makes it unique. When the lure is being pulled through the water, the #7 blade spins off balance to the #8 blade. This causes a different vibration and noise which the muskies are not use to. Now, just because the blades spin off balance does not mean that the lure retrieves awkwardly through the water. The size difference in the blades is not large enough to effect the action of the lure. Bryon's Musky Ticklers pull through the water just like a double 8 inline spinner.