Late Season Tactics

Ghosttail Bucktails...A Family Tradition I have been fishing for Musky since 1983 but I didn't get acquainted with Ghosttail bucktails until I started fishing out of Indian Trail Resort on the the Chippewa Flowage. The Ghosttails were about the first thing that caught my eye as I first walked into the bar at Indian Trail Resort...they were unceremoniously hanging from a suspended wire above the bar and they were immediately noteworthy. I asked the bartender to let me see one of them and as I looked it over I could see that I was going to add this to my tackle box. The lure is moderately weighted to allow for good casting distance. The through wire has good 'beef' and the two treble hooks were hefty enough to stand up to a good battle. I really liked the fact that the hooks were not dressed. When hooks that are dressed go blunt or need to be cut to free a Musky, the lure is usually rendered to the spare parts box...yes, I know that you can buy dressed hooks but they are never quite the right color or have the same action in the water. Aside from the obvious quality of the lure, the thing that continually draws me to regular purchases of the lures is the fact that it is a family business. I have, over the years, had the opportunity to get to know Fred, Rachel and their sons Eric and Brent (pictured left and right respectively) and, besides making great bucktails, they are really great people. You can get a good feel for their product line by going to their website at . You will also find a link there where you can find dealers who carry the lures in their store. I should also mention that the product line is diverse enough to cross over to lures that are effective for smallies, large mouth and even stripers and the occasional walleye.