Late Season Tactics

Bulging Bucktails Get a Muskie's Attention What the heck is 'Bulging a Bucktail'? Simply put, it means retrieving your bucktail in such a way as to cause the blade to create a bulge on the surface of the water without breaking the surface. This is meant to emulate a bait fish swimming close to the surface as it scampers to escape from something threatening. This works very well over sub- surface weeds. Picking the right bucktail for this type of presentation is important. There are two schools of thought to the bucktail selection: The Heavy Approach Pictured here is the 9" Bulger Bucktail from Brooktail Lures. It weighs 2 ounces, has two # 8 Colorado blades, and a single 7/0 VMC hook. The weight of the lure allows you to accurately cast the lure but is also means that it will be tougher to bring the bucktail up during your retrieve. You may end up having to hold your rod tip very high and that could put you out of 'Hook Set' position. This lure is available from The Jackson Lures Website to purchase this item. The Light Approach Pictured here is is a lure called the Bigg Slimm and it is made by Moore's Lures. This large, thinly tied lure uses a #6 pointed fluted blade and weighs ¾ oz. and is 8½" long. It is dressed with real bucktail and has