Late Season Tactics

A Few Words About Bucktails The Bucktail Spinner is probably the lure most used by fishermen regardless of the species of fish for which they fish. It is most used because it is the easiest lure to use…you just cast it out and reel it back in. You don’t have to do anything to enhance presentation like you do for surface, jerk or crank/twitch baits. There are a few things to consider when choosing a Bucktail to cast: If you are trying to cast it over weed beds, you will likely want a lure that has little or no weight added. This will allow you to easily bulge the lure without getting too tangled in weeds. Of course, a lighter lure will reduce the length of the cast and may be very difficult to cast on a windy day. If you are casting it adjacent to a weed bed, you will likely want a Bucktail with a little weight so you can have it run 2 or 3 feet down. This will allow you to entice a waiting predator fish. Added weight can be your friend or your foe. On one hand it allows for easier and more precision casting but it can also have you picking weeds from the lure if you get too close to the weed bed. If you are casting a drop-off, you are going to want to get the lure down 4 to 6 feet. This will require a Bucktail with additional weight. You will have to be sure that your rod, reel and line are up to the stress of the heavier lure. Fishing deep water usually has the angler using the larger double bladed Bucktails. These lures can burn out a reel or an angler, so greater care in the selection tackle is indispensable.