Late Season Tactics

Re-shafting Your Bucktail Over the course of a Muskie season, our lures take one heck of a beating. They are stepped upon; they have heavy objects set upon them; not to mention being abused by our Muskie friend. Probably, among the most used lure in a tackle box is the bucktail. In this article we will go through the steps required to disassemble, re-hook, re-shaft and re-assemble a bucktail. Remember that not all bucktails are exactly the same, so you can use this article as a general guideline. For this article we will use a Skimmer Bucktail, however, the use of a Skimmer should not be construed as an endorsement for the lure or as a testimonial to its effectiveness. You will need to get a length of wire shaft. The wire is usually .051 in thickness and a length of 12" should be enough for any bucktail. Pre-cut shafts are available From Moore's Lures. Here Are The Tools That You Will Need: Compound Cutters Since you will be using some heavy gauge wire, you will need to have a healthy tool for cutting wire to length and trimming the ends from wire wraps. The compound bolt cutter shown here will meet all of your needs for this job. Available From Jackson Lures Round Nose Pliers You will need a round nose pliers. Don't confuse them with needle nose pliers. These pliers have circular points and are used to make eyelets in the shaft wire for the rear treble hook and the front eyelet for your leader connection.