Late Season Tactics

ball peen hammer. This compresses the lead in the drilled hole so it won't fall out. It also makes for a nice looking modification, when finished. Hangin' jerkbaits is a presentation that requires more concentration. You will often detect a strike by line movement or might even see a surface boil as a Musky takes the bait before you even feel it. keep your hooks extra sharp to insure hookups at these slow retrieves. Start your retrieve by making 3 or 4 pulls to get the bait down as deep as it will go. Then, depending on how fast the bait rises, give a long pause as the bait rises. Before the bait breaks the surface, jerk it back down again with a series of 3 or 4 jerks. Some jerkbaits respond better and dive deeper with a series of short soft pulls rather than sharp jerks, so experiment to get the best action and deepest dive. A Musky will almost always strike as the bait nears the surface on the rise. You won't cover a lot of water with this presentation, so use it in high percentage areas where a big fish's location is fairly certain. Areas like inside turns or the tips of bars with steep breaks into deep water are typically good high percentage areas especially if there are schools of baitfish present. Also try hangin' a jerkbait over areas where you have seen a big fish or have consistently seen Muskies. Don't be afraid to throw a jerkbait over deeper water just outside these areas, too. I have occasionally caught some nice Muskies over 20 to 30 feet of water just outside these high percentage areas. Try hangin' jerkbaits this fall. It just might catch a really big Musky.