Late Season Tactics

For some time now the WDNR, the Lac Du Flambeau Tribe and some notables in the Musky Community have tried to hang the label of "tabloid" or "vigilante" on Musky America. As the editor and owner of Musky America, I have let these untrue characterizations pass without comment, however, I believe that the time has come to put the record straight. Musky America was established in 1996 and now ranks within the top 5 search results for the keyword "Musky" on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is self-funded and receives No Income from advertising. My mission statement is: It is my belief that Muskie anglers deserve to have a meaningful publication that provides frank, concise, timely and accurate information about Muskie fishing without the hype that comes with slick advertising and the quest for the dollars in your wallet. Unlike some printed periodicals, this Internet site provides you with timely tips about Musky fishing and also gives you a powerful research tool by which to enhance your Musky knowledge. Best of all, unlike printed periodicals, the information is FREE of forced advertising and FREE to view. Musky America has over 300 articles that deal with a wide range of information about the sport of Musky angling. There is also a knowledge base search engine to make it easy for visitors to find articles using a keyword search. In addition, Musky America has established this information website to provide Musky anglers with reviews of lures and tackle items that I consider worthy of consideration. You will be hard pressed to find another family of websites that provides this level of information without someone trying to shove advertising down your throat. So why do some Musky notables, the Lac Du Flambeau Tribe and the WDNR, try to attach a tabloid or vigilante label to Musky America? Well, Musky America does have articles that some may consider controversial. It bears notice that other Musky information outlets like Musky Hunter Magazine and Muskies, Inc., do not cover articles that may be controversial, Articles related to the World Record garner complaints due to their frank discussion of the lack of journalistic quality employed by writers who are "Musky Notables" as do articles exposing the WDNR for the political stagnation that has ruined the Musky fisheries of Northern Wisconsin. Other articles like, " Hall of Fame Rejects Pete Maina's Assertions ", " Cal Johnson's Grandson's Rebuff Of Larry Ramsell " and " Hayward Guides Banned at The Landing ", are factual representations of news and events that are relevant to the Musky angling community. In all cases, the individuals identified in these articles were provided every opportunity to have their comments posted word for word, without the fear of any editorializing.