Late Season Tactics

Hayward Guide Banned By The Landing In the September 13, 2002 issue of the Lac Courte Oreilles Times, the following article appeared documenting the decision of the Tribal Governing Board to ban Guide Ty Sennett from further association with Herman's Landing Resort. In June of 2002, the LCO Tribal Governing board sent Hayward area guide Ty Sennett and Laura Morrison a letter explaining that they are no longer welcome to work from Herman's Landing, they will no longer receive referrals from the tribe, they will no longer receive free advertisements on Herman's website and they are no longer permitted on the Herman's Landing premises. Ty Sennett was receiving referrals for his guide service from Herman's Landing and in the Spring of 2002, a website, which he operated, began posting articles which reflected negative views about the resort. The LCO TGB gave several reasons for their decision, one being the postings on the internet, included racially motivated comments and slanderous statements, which he [Ty Sennett] refused to remove when requested by Herman’s management. The postings began June 18 th and the tribe asked Sennett to remove the negative remarks. It then took ten days for Sennett to remove these postings. Sennett said, that "the title of these postings only read Herman’s Landing, and therefore we didn't realize they included negative remarks." The Webmaster, Jim McCulIough, did not pick up on these comments although Sennett was notified by the LCO TGB ten days prior to their removal. A posting was placed on this website, in July, stating "Pete Maina is a violator," and this posting was removed in 27 minutes. In response to the request of the TGB to remove the postings, Ty Sennett cited freedom of speech. The TGB stated, in their letter, "your statement Is unacceptable." The full text of the postings may still be available on Ty Sennett’s website. The TGB's next reason for Ty Sennett's expulsion read: "Complaints received from customers, tourists and fishing guides pertaining to