Late Season Tactics

The award for the easiest glide bait to use has got to be the Manta. It produces a seductive darting motion with just a slight rod tip action that catches fish throughout the season. Matching Tackle Rod choice when using any of the three style jerkbaits should be one 6 to 6½ feet in length. The smaller and lighter baits can be used with your bucktail rod, but when tossing the bigger and heavier chunks of wood or plastic, a medium to heavy action rod is needed. There are plenty of good fishing rods on the market today. Most match up well to the Abu Garcia 5500 or 6500 reels. I like to use 40lb. braided micron with the heavier jerkbaits. TUF Line is a good choice for the medium to light weight jerkbaits. I avoid using a monofilament line with jerkbaits because of the high stretch factor… it will cause you to lose a fish. A leader is a must. Using one equal in length to the size of your lure will provide good results in most cases. Jerkbaits have been catching fish for many years and will be around for many more to come. Get in on the action this fall or for that matter throughout the season.