Late Season Tactics

For this type of spot, all lures are in play. Rob put a glide bait on his rod and I elected to try a black and white Best American Topper. As we fished our circular pattern, we were covering every type of depth. After about 45 minutes of fishing this spot the sun was beginning to tickle the tree tops. I was getting ready to change lures when I felt a tug on my line. I pulled back on the rod and announced to Rob that I had a fish on. The Musky hit about 5 feet from the boat and immediately made a bee line for deeper water. I hit the thumb bar on my reel and thumbed out line so as to keep the fish in play with firm pressure while not “horsing” the fish to the boat. After about 5 minutes, the fish was under control and ready for the net. I led him to the net that Rob had at the ready and with a single scoop, the battle was over. I cut the tips from the Owner 3/0 Stinger treble hooks and got prepared to pull the fish from the net of a measurement and a quick couple of photos. Rob was ready with the camera and had already placed the ruler in a convenient location for a quick measurement of the fish. This beefy guy measured in at 38.5 inches…A respectable fish in anyone’s book. A couple of photos later, I had the fish back in the water waiting for him to regain his senses and move off on his own…The cooler water helped to facilitate a quick recovery and with a wag of his tail he was off to Muskyland. Lessons Learned: • When the weather changes, tactics must change. • Your fishing partner’s perspective is important. • A fishing diary can be a valuable tool. • Single marker fishing in open water is productive.