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What is expected from you as a client?
Your responsibilities are to be on the dock on time. You should have your gear in good
working order. You should
be drunk. You should treat your guide like a fellow
Musky angler; not like hired help. You should pay when services are rendered.
(All of
these things, with the exception of the payment item, are things that you should expect
from your guide. )
Should I tip the guide?
Some guides, like Joe Bucher, expect to get a tip. In deed, Mr. Bucher has expressed that
sentiment in print and pre-supposes to speak for hundreds of Musky guides on this issue
(of course he fails to name any of those guides who share his sentiment). As a guide on
the Chippewa Flowage, I view a tip as a reward for service above and beyond the
performance for which you contracted !!! That brings us to the final question.
Why should I hire a guide?
You hire a guide because he has a better knowledge of the fishery than you do and
should, therefore, be able to put you on to some fish. If you are only up for a day or two, a
guide is your best investment to a productive outing. If you are up for a week or two, you
hire a guide to not only put you on to fish but to also give you some tips on where to fish
the rest of your time on the water. Your guide should give you tips on the best lures to
(not just the ones that he sells)
, the best time of day to fish, and even the occasional
tip on casting technique. All these things are reasons why you pay a guide to take you
out fishing. Your guide should eagerly mark your map so that you can re-trace your guide
outing. If you get a level of performance that is greater than that which you feel you have
paid for, then a tip is in order. Adjust any tip amount to be equal to the guide's extra
A Final Word !!!
Remember that you are hiring a guide to enhance your fishing skills and knowledge and
to increase your opportunity to catch a fish. Remember also that a person is able to be a
guide because he spends one heck of a lot of time on the water fishing. If you were able
to spend as much time on the water as your guide does, you could hire out your services
as a guide. In fact, that is how many people who are guides became guides.
the guide that only uses his brand of lure during the guide day.
the guide who tells you nothing about the water you fish.
the guide that assumes it is OK if he fishes for himself. (Remember, the
guide is there to take you to a spot and keep the boat in position while you fish...He
can't do that if he is casting.)
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