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Tips On Hiring A Musky Guide
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Every registered guide in the state of Wisconsin pays a fee for a license
to operate as a guide. The guide also makes the following oath:
I, _________________ do solemnly swear that I will well and
faithfully perform the duties of the office of a guide licensed by the
State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to guide,
direct and assist other persons in fishing in accordance wit
provisions of s.29.512., Wis. Stats.
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How much does a guide cost?
How do I know if the guide is good?
What is expected from me as a client?
Should I tip the guide?
Why should I hire a guide?
How much does a guide cost?
Many guides will offer a half day or a whole day guide service. A full work day is 8 hours
(no exceptions). Obviously, a half day should be half as much as a full day. The cost
should not go up if more than one person is hiring the guide. Full day guiding usually
includes the courtesy that you pay for lunch. A full day guide job runs from $300 to $375.
If you are paying more, then you are paying for a name as well as for a guiding service.
Also, many guides will quote a price that is contingent upon having action...if you do not
have action the price is usually less.
How do I know if the guide is good?
Ask other fishermen about the guide you are considering. If you hire a guide through the
resort you are staying at you are less likely to get a bum steer. Ask to see the guide's
License. Check out the guide's boat before you hire him; typically, a shabby boat is an
indicator of a shabby guide service. Beware the guide that toots his own horn; if he is a
successful guide other people will "sing his praises".
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