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A guide can make or break the success of the fishing trip, so even though you hired him, you will
have to devise some method to make him think kindly of you an another fisherman. Most guides
get into a rut and are happy when the day is over. I found that stating that you heard of his good
reputation from someone who caught a Muskie while out with him gets results…offer him a
bonus for an exceptional catch while he is guiding. Always at like a beginner and have the guide
show you how to catch the fish. Over the years, I have learned a lot of fishing ways that I
probably would never have found on my own.
Always hire a guide in new fishing waters. If you spend a few days or 2 weeks in an area, it is a
good idea to hire a different guide a few days later and make comparisons. Then you can go it
alone. Your catch will improve and the knowledge you gained just might help you catch a big
I have had good guides that went all out to help me catch Muskie and I have had Indian guides
in Canada that got lost on the water and it was only because I had the foresight to make mental
markings along the way that we found our way back. Always hire a guide by his reputation, be
friendly and don’t hope by hiring him that you will catch the biggest Muskie. Give him and
incentive, like a bonus, if you catch an exceptional fish. Remember, your attitude and make a
good guide for the day!
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