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It was then that I saw a Muskie working near shore searching a weed bed: he was feeding. With
the weeds, I chose a Jitterbug in frog finish and dropped the lure a bit over ten feet in front of the
Muskie. He hit and I set the hook handing the. rod to the
boy. Even now I can describe the joy in this boy’s eyes as I was watching him land the Muskie
more than I was watching what 'the Muskie was doing. He finally landed a sixteen pound
Muskie. As he stroked its head he fairly jumped up and down with joy. Finally he turned to his
dad and said: "Let's get this Muskie mounted so I can show the kids at school." The fish was
mounted and the boy had his day in school at a class where they discussed their summer
I guided this father and son team for the next two seasons and the boy’s arm was showing
improvement. This type of guiding you will never forget and you do your best to produce…Of
course, there were parties you would like to forget.
Two sportsmen from Philadelphia arrived and we went out for Muskie. They had fishing
emblems covering their jackets and they looked like walking billboards. To hear them talk, they
fished from pole to pole and caught many records. After comparing their supposed records with
actual records in the record books that evening, I couldn’t find them listed. But who
cares…fishermen all like to brag a bit and the biggest fish are caught after a few drinks or in the
tap room.
Three hours and no success. One guy suggested changing lures and picked up one of the many
home made Muskie-bug plugs I had with me in the boat. The other guy picked one identical. So
we switched lures and went back to fishing.
While trolling, I noticed a good Muskie chase a bass near a weed bed at the shore side of a reef.
Had we been casting, it would have been easy. We were trolling, so I figured if I let out line on
both rods another 30 feet I could make a wide swing with the boat and not disturb the Muskie
and then by straightening out the lines I could run them past the area close enough to maybe
get a strike.
It worked and the one fisherman set the hook in a good Muskie. Now with the extra line out on
the other rod, I had to operate the boat so as no to tangle his lure with the hooked Muskie. In
doing so, the other fisherman said he had a strike and set the hook…nothing, so I figured his
lure struck bottom. By now, the Muskie was getting the better of the other fisherman because he
slacked off on the drag and the Muskie just took line.
I quickly reset the drag, but by now it was a hopeless mess. The Muskie had wrapped around
the other line and the other fisherman said he had a strike on his line. To make a long story
short, this 32 pound Muskie had one plug in his throat and another wrapped around his head.
Both fishermen realized that this Muskie was over 25 pounds and could qualify for a "Field &
Stream|" pin. Neither would concede that the other caught the Muskie, so made me untangle the
lines. My judgment was that the first strike hooked was the one that caught the Muskie. Over an
hour later, my theory was right…the first strike caught the fish. Now listen to this. The second
fisherman said the first one couldn’t qualify on the Muskie because he assisted in landing the
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