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Stu Abt today holds the fly rod world record tarpon, a 162½ pounder. He started setting the fly
rod world records back in the 50’s and has held 8 different world record fly rod catches in
addition to the present world record tarpon.
Three years later fishing the very same waters, Stu taught me to fly rod for big tarpon. I took a
l23½ pounder which I still haven't topped. I mention this to show the value of a good guide. He
could have taken me. out fishing and let me waste three days trying to catch a tarpon. Instead
he chose to teach me when. I suggested he catch the first tarpon.
We always made it a habit when fishing new waters to hire the best guides in area and I would
fish with my guide and Bets would fish with her guide. This really paid off and Bets and I would
make bets of $5.00 on which boat caught the biggest Muskie. This was a come on to get the
guides interested in our fishing rather than just piloting the boat for the day. We found by having
the guide fish along with you, you got to fish the better waters. After all, he wanted to catch fish if
you had him fish with you.
When I guided, I preferred individual guide parties and
could give a better accounting of fishing waters because
I had the rod in my hand and could tell where the lures
were at all times. Trolling has a greater margin of
success if you are holding the rod. You know where
your lure is and how well it is performing. This way you
can better regulate the speed of the boat to match lure
action In this way, many more Muskie were caught and
some sizable Muskie hooked that otherwise might not
have been hoo
The casting guide parties were always taken to the most
productive waters and it was their fishing that produced
the strike. My eyes were always watching the feeding
Muskie, the birds over a weed bed and the surfacing
Muskie. Adjustments were made as soon as these type
of movements occurred. Nothing was overlooked as my
publicity came from the success of the guide party as
well as my personal success.
A father and son team fished with me one day and the boy had a deformed arm. I suggested
trolling for Muskie, but the father said the doctor suggested fishing and casting to help the boy’s
arm. After an hour, the boy sat down and had to give up. I told him that I would do the casting
and he could do the retrieving until he had had enough. We then trolled for two hours and still no
The boy suggested casting again and I headed for one of the better productive areas. They cast
for an hour and the boy laid down the rod again. He had all the casting he could take. So once
again, I picked up the rod and cast and he retrieved. By now, I would put the rod in the rod
holder and he just cranked in the lure. It was getting late and I had already gone a half hour over
my usual quitting time. I was dead set in having the boy catch a Muskie and probably would
have stayed out until dark in trying.
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