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Wisconsin Guides
As a professional, Rich has boated over
500 Musky for clients. His ability to put
clients onto Musky is the direct result of
his association with some of the great
Musky guides of our sport.
Rich believes that his responsibility as
a hired guide is to put clients onto
fish. He believes that he can’t do that
effectively if he is fishing with his
clients. His 16' 6" Tuffy is outfitted
with oars so he can stealthily
maneuver the boat to allow clients to
fish a spot clean.
Although he generally guides out of
he is available to provide guide services regardless of the Chippewa
Flowage resort at which you stay.
He offers a 6 hour half day guide service for
or a 10 hour full day for
Clients should bring along:
Seasonally appropriate clothing
Sun Screen
Rain Gear
Hat and Fishing Glasses
Wisconsin Fishing License
Snacks, water, or beverage...
”No Alcohol”
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