Dressing A Treble With A Twister
By Craig Sandell © 2010

My good friend Rob Meusec informed me about a little item he saw at one of the fishing shows…treble hooks dressed with a twister tail.

The concept was intriguing and goes hand-in-hand with an article I just did on "Adding A Twister To A Bucktail"…I decided to try adding a twister tail to a bare treble hook. It turned out to be easier than I imagined...So I decided to share the procedure.

First, you will need a bare treble hook, a 2/0 is pictured along with a twister tail.

I am using a black twister tail mainly for photographic contrast.

You can use what ever color you think will excite the Musky.

Next, you need to measure the twister tail against the shaft of the treble to see where you will have to cut the twister tail body to fit it onto the treble shaft. When measuring, be sure that the tail will cleanly trail behind the treble hooks.

Now that you have the twister measured, use a household scissors to trim the front of the body of the twister tail.
The next step is the tricky part…while holding the twister tail body firmly, insert the treble hook shaft into the twister tail body.

You must be careful not to stab yourself with the hooks should your hand slip. A protective glove of some type is recommended until you master the process.

The soft plastic will resist being pierced by the blunt treble hook shaft, but it will succumb with steady pressure.

With the treble hook shaft now piercing the twister tail body, you need to simply thread the treble hook shaft through the twister tail body until the eye of the treble hook shaft is visible.

The last step in the process is to add a split ring to the treble hook assembly to make it ready to add to any bucktail or surface bait.

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