Portable Line Spooler Product Review
Craig Sandell © 2010

A browse through the fishing catalogs turned up a ‘Portable Line Spooling Station’ from Berkley. The price seemed a bit steep ($29.99), but I went ahead and bought it.

Berkley SpoolerThe item is made of high impact molded plastic. The metal reel bar appears to be chrome plated and will probably be prone to rust as the reel tension screws are tightened into the rod to hold the reel in place.

A very nice feature is the reel holder that is built into the system. The reel holding screw mechanism is plastic, so it is rust resistant. This makes it very easy to fill a number of reels.

It also comes with a battery powered line stripper. The usefulness of this device is in question for the Muskie angler due to the way we reuse line.

The major hiccup is the tensioning mechanism. It isn’t easy to put a good amount of tension on the spool; allowing for a tight pack of the line on the reel. Also, you really need to tighten the tension holding screws down so they do not slip as you pack the reel with line.

The device does work, however, I am skeptical as to whether it has any longevity to it given the way Muskie anglers tend to use equipment other than their boats and tackle. Knowing what I know now about the device, I do not think I would buy it at the $29.99 price tag…a more reasonable price is around $17.00 or $18.00.

Oh yes, the instruction card that comes with it is terrible. It uses pictures only rather than illustrations and explanations. For most anglers the illustrations for use and setup are not very helpful.

It should also be noted that the spooler WILL NOT work with a 1500 yard spool of line.