The Soft Plastic Option
Craig Sandell © 20

Tackle Industries, owned by James Haworth, was a real standout for me. James and I spoke at some length and I was impressed, not only with his products, but with his obvious enthusiasm for what he does. His most notable product is his line of swim baits, especially the 4 sizes of plastic swim/jerk baits.

Over the years I have heard many Musky anglers lament on how a Musky strike on the Musky Innovations swim baits renders the bait useless. James Haworth has addressed the problem with an approach he calls a "Full Body Lock Coil Harness". Sure, the flexible rubber get tooth damage but the internal construction maintains the lure’s usability. All this and they are less expensive than the Musky Innovations products.

Oh yes...Over 75% of his profits go to veteran’s and children’s charities…so if you want to support our troops and help children’s charities at the same time, purchasing a lure of two will accomplish that.

Walleye Fishing Lure Swimbait These lures are available in shallow and deep versions as well as having different size options.

They are available in over 35 different colors combinations so regardless of whether the water you are fishing is stained or clear; you should not have a problem finding a lure in which you have confidence.