Slammer Crank Baits
Craig Sandell 20

There are many varieties of crank bait on the market. The Depth Raider, Musky Maina, Cobb and Rapala. I have chosen the Slammer crankbaits to focus upon. They have all of the same performance chrematistics of other crankbaits with extra detail to construction and a very good price.

All Slammer crankbaits have these features:

  • Thru-Wire Construction For Superior Hook Setting Strength

  • Tangle-Free, Super-Sharp, Mustad Hooks

  • Unbreakable Diving Lips That Stand Up Strike After Strike

  • Super-Tough, Wet-Look, Epoxy Finish

  • Six, Fish-catching Colors to Match Weather and Water Conditions

  • Individually Tuned to SLAMMER Strike-Producing Action

The last item here is very important. These lures are not puked out of a production line and boxes without regard for  how they will perform on the water. I have not been disappointed in any Slammer crankbait that I have used...something I cannot say about some of the other lures on the market.

The Slammer comes in four basic versions:

  • 5 Inch

  • 6 Inch

  • 7 Inch

  • 8 Inch

Features include:

  • Easy Casting

  • Tight Wobble

  • Strong Hooks

  • Trolling Friendly

These are exceptionally well-made Muskie baits that rank high on the list of all-time best Muskie catching lures and Jackson Lures has them at very reasonable prices.