Preparing To Night Fish
Craig Sandell 20

Night Fishing Suggestions - If you are not fishing Musky at night you are missing one of the great experiences of a lifetime. There are a couple of items that you should, however, have with you when you go out for the "Night Bite".

First and foremost is a head lamp. Get a nice water proof one made of high impact plastic and be sure that the on/off switch has a rubber boot over it to prevent water from screwing it up.

The head lamp pictured at the left is 3 inches wide and 1 inches high. Its small size makes it an ideal accessory. The light switch has two selections (White and Red Light). It is powered by 3 AAA batteries (Regular or Rechargeable).

As you can from the picture inset, the light is on a hinge for directional adjustment.

You may have noticed that the common denominator to head lamp items is batteries. You can see that you can go through a lot of batteries for your flashlights, head lamps and even the small side finder depth finder. You could go out and buy Nicad batteries, but they are very expensive and they tend to diminish in performance over time. The device shown here at the right is an inexpensive battery charger that will recharge regular alkaline batteries as well as Nicad type. It handles all sizes from AAA to D. It costs around $20 in catalogs and is well worth the price.
 Another light source that you might want to consider is chemical light. They emit light through a cold chemical reaction and provide good local illumination for about 8 hours. They come in a variety of colors and can be bought in a pack of 10 for about $6. You may not want to use them all the time, but they are an excellent source for emergency lighting.