Lip Gripping Your Catch
By Craig Sandell 2011

There is an emerging use of "Lip Grip" landing tools among some Musky anglers. The basic premise is to use these mechanical mechanisms rather than traditional netting and thereby preventing the inevitable embrangling of net, lure and musky.

Certainly, if you can safely land a musky so as to prevent harm to fish and angler, the use of these lip grip tools is a desirable alternative.

My good friend Rob Meusec uses a lip grip tool and he is pleased with the approach but made the following observations:

  • The tool works well with smaller fish.

  • The use of the tool still requires a degree of dexterity as the fish is maneuvered into landing position.

  • Larger fish, over 42 inches still require a net, however, the tool is useful as a mechanism to immobilize the fish for hook removal.

The most notable of the lip grip tools is the Rapala. This tool comes with a price tag of around $67.00.

If you want more information about this items, you can visit the Jackson Lures On-line Catalog Store and click on the Rapala link under 'General Tackle' in their product index.