Grandma Crank Bait Lures
By Craig Sandell 20

Grandma crank baits have been a fixture on the Muskie scene for what seems forever. The first crank bait I purchased in 1983 was a Grandma and it still holds a prominent place in my tackle box.

Grandma Lures have been copied by many companies, but the action has never been duplicated. The unique action of this lure has been proven over and over again by the number of fish that are caught with it.

6 Inch Deep Diver

Designed for casting or trolling, this lure is made of high impact plastic, with an extra strong Lexan lip, which will withstand even the largest toothy critter.

If you like to get down and bump over rocks and wood, these are just the tough lures that will get the job done.

This lure is 6 inches long, weighs 1 1/8 ounces, has two treble hooks, and will cast and troll at a depth of 10 to 20 feet.

9 Inch Crankbait

Excellent for casting and twitching, but especially for trolling, this is the classic upon which the Grandma tradition was built.

Made of high impact plastic, with a super strong Lexan lip, these lures are tough cookies. The life-like paint-job on these lures attract both fish and fishermen alike.

The lure is 9 inches long, weighs 3 ounces, has three super-strong treble hooks, and will cast and troll at a depth of 10 to 20 feet.

I have never been disappointed by the performance of either lure. The 9 inch model is available from The Jackson Lures Website at some very nice prices.