Landing Gloves Can Prevent Punctures
Craig Sandell 2010

There is nothing that can put a cramp in a Muskie outing faster than a trip to the local emergency room to remove hooks or other sharp implements from your hand or to have to have stitches as the result of a thrashing Muskie. A landing glove can go a long way toward prevent that kind of mishap.

The new Lindy Fish Handling Glove provides the ultimate in protection against cuts and punctures from fish teeth, gill plates, hooks, and knives.

The Lindy Glove is made from revolutionary SuperFabric and delivers 800% more puncture and cut protection than all other gloves made from popular cut-resistant materials.

Not only does this glove protect your hand, but it provides you with a firm grip on the fish for speedy unhooking and release.

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Superior protection from hook punctures, fish teeth, and gill plates

Outstanding Features

  • Two Sizes, Large and Medium

  • 800% more puncture protection.

  • Provides superior gripping power.

  • Will not absorb fish odors.

  • Is chemical resistant.

  • Machine washable.

  • UV protected, will not fade.

Note: While the Lindy Glove is highly puncture and cut resistant, it is not 100% puncture-proof. Use common sense and do not put yourself at undue risk when using the glove.

Lindy Fish Handling Glove - $25.00 per glove.

This glove is available from Jackson Lures.