Defeating The Backlash
Craig Sandell 2012

The scourge of Musky anglers is the backlash. There is nothing more frustrating than to be on a great Musky spot at just the right time and to then have a backlash on your reel.

One of the prime reasons for a backlash is a loosely packed reel. This short article may help you solve that problem. 

There is an inexpensive little device that will hold any size spool of line. This device is made of high impact plastic and has suction cups on the bottom that will firmly hold the device as you spool line onto your reel.

The really slick feature of this device is an adjustable clutch that allows you to adjust the amount of reel drag required to strip line from the spool.

The tighter your drag the more packed the line will be on your reel. You can get this little gem through any of the major fishing catalogs for about $5.00.

There is another spooler that is on the market that will also work but it is more expensive...Click here for some info.