Abu Garcia 6600 C4
By Craig Sandell

As I begin to make ready for the 2006 Musky season,  I recently purchased an Abu Garcia 6600 C4 reel. I purchased the reel because I wanted a reel with smooth action and a 6.3:1 retrieve ratio.

The 6600 C4 has 4 stainless steel bearing, a 'FastCast' thumb bar and a 6.3:1 retrieve ratio that should help with imparting action to surface lures without causing fatigue.

Aside from its mechanical features, the reel has a cast aluminum casing with a dark blue finish and a contrasting gold finish for the reel, handle and drag star.

The reel comes with a power handle and a combination mechanical and magnetic brake that should cut down on those 'professional overruns' (commonly referred to as backlashes).

Another interesting feature is the dimpled area of the reel. This is meant to provide a surface for the line to grab as you load the reel with line.

Oh yes, the reel also has a 'line click' mode for those of you that want to hang a sucker or do some shore line sucker fishing.

I plan to load this reel with 50 pound test standard TUF line.

All in all, I am pleased with the purchase and I am chomping at the bit to put it to the test on the water. The reel cost me $90.00, which I consider an excellent value.

During my 2013 fishing trip, I found that the reel worked well with light weight bucktails, surface baits and crank baits but had slippage problems with heavier lures and with jerk baits.

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