Bucktails...For Some A Primary Lure

Many Muskie fishermen and women who are just beginning to experience the thrill of Muskie angling often wonder what they need in their tackle box in the way of lures, tools and other accessories. It is sure easy to be overwhelmed by the hype associated with the Muskie industry.

Craig Sandell   2010

Assorted BucktailsYou should have a very focused selection of bucktails. Many prefer a bucktail with two treble hooks. Colors are a matter of choice, however, solid black with a green blade, solid black with an orange blade, red/white with a red/white blade and perch with a copper blade are good choices.

When selecting a bucktail, you should also have in mind what kind of fishing tactics you are going to use. A bucktail with very little weight will not cast very far, however, if you are going to bulge the bucktail over a submerged weed bed you don't want the bucktail to ride low nor do you necessarily want a long cast.

If your plan is to fish the weed edge of a 8 to 12 foot drop off, then you will be looking for a bucktail that has moderate weight. This will allow for a long cast and deeper running during the retrieve.

The other consideration is for fishing deep water, 15 to 20 feet, adjacent to a weed bar or stump shelf. Obviously, you are going to want to use a bucktail with good weight. You may even want to cast and let the bucktail drop in free fall for a 5 to 10 seconds before starting a slow to moderate retrieve.

How Much Does A Good Bucktail Cost?

I'm not sure that there is a good answer to that question. I have had good success with bucktails in the $5 to $8 dollar range. I also have bucktails in my tackle box that carried a $10 to $15 dollar price tag and do not have the action or look in the water that makes me confident enough to use it consistently.

The best advice I can give you is the advice I give my self. Buy a bucktail with strategy and tactics in mind. Talk to other Muskie anglers and see what types of bucktails they have used to actually catch Muskie. Don't pay more than $15.00 for a bucktail and never buy a bucktail just because some "famous" Muskie personage caught a 30 or 40 pound fish using a bucktail "just like it".

Spinner Baits...Variation on a Theme

Spinner baits are a close cousin to the in-line bucktail. The seven inch spinner bucktails shown here provide a nice overview of the variations in color and blade configuration.

Spinners will come in many different sizes with single hook and double hook arrangements.

They will also come in tandem blade arrangements (shown here) as well as single blade arrangements in a wide selection of colors and blade types.