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The ice will be out and we are only a few months or so away from the new Muskie season. You have been looking at your tackle all winter, sharpening hooks, making repairs and trying to find room for those new lures you have bought or will buy.

If you have fished for Muskie for more that a season or two, you realize that your lures fall into 3 very general categories:

  • High Percentage High Confidence

  • Good Potential Moderate Confidence

  • Nice Looking Low Confidence

You also have probably discovered that you donít really have enough room in your boat for all of your tackle without having a cluttered boat. There is also the problem of keeping large lures with multiple treble hooks separate from each other and thereby preventing lure entanglement.

Special Mate offers an innovative approach to organizing your tackle by offering tackle boxes that are designed to match your lure types. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, bucktails, jerk baits and spoons can be easily stored, eliminating the tangled mess that often occurs in many tackle boxes.  Each box has two strong steel latches, and a folding handle for easy carrying.  The underside of the lid is lined with foam padding to secure the lures in place when the box is closed, and small drain holes in the bottom of the boxes allow water to drain away from the lures.

The boxes are offered in three heights: 13-inch, 9-inch, and 6-inch.  The 13-inch Muskie/Pike box comes only with crankbait dividers, while the two smaller boxes may be purchased with either crankbait or spinnerbait/spoon dividers installed.

All of these tackle boxes can be viewed on the Jackson Lures Website by Clicking Here.

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