WDNR Slight Of Hand…Again
By Craig Sandell © 2010

Over the years, the Wisconsin DNR has become expert at saying much and doing little in the way of fishery management. The latest foray into fishery management avoidance comes in the form of the announcement of a project to examine genetic lineage in Musky stocked in Wisconsin.

It is significant to note that the WDNR would not have even deigned to consider to do something like this unless they had been embarrassed into it. The WMRP has, through persistent factual disclosure of the WDNR malfeasance, caused the  WDNR to engage "damage control".

However, the "leopard has not changed its spots". This announced study of Genetics is just another ‘fishery action diversion’ from the WDNR. They propose to:

  • Change how they collect eggs for brood stock.

  • Hire a Wisconsin University professor to define genetic geographic boundaries.

  • Conduct a stocked Musky performance evaluation.

This begs the question; What has the WDNR been doing?

  • Apparently, the WDNR has not been using sound practices to collect brood stock.

  • Apparently they have not read the INHS genetic study completed in 1997.

  • Apparently they have ignored the WMRP analysis of 100 years of the WDNR’s own stocking documentation.

It is apparent that the WDNR has not received the message that anglers who fish for Musky in Wisconsin want action, not more of the same ‘egghead’ philosophy that has caused the Northwest Wisconsin Musky fisheries to be in a state of decline when compared to Musky fisheries in other parts of the state and Musky fisheries in Illinois and Minnesota.

Nothing will change if YOU don’t let your voice be heard.

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