We Reserve The Right
Craig Sandell

Musky America has received a fair amount of Email regarding some of our articles and commentary that are related to Musky Hunter Magazine and the public positions of some Musky notables. There appears to be a perception that Musky America Publications has a less than affectionate opinion of Musky Hunter Magazine and that we hold those Musky notables in low regard. That perception is wrong.

We here at Musky America recognize the difficulty associated with putting together articles that are useful, informative and entertaining while meeting a publication deadline. We hold the folks at Musky Hunter Magazine in the highest regard for their hard work and contribution to the limited information library associated with the Muskellunge as a species and Musky angling as a sport.

We also recognize that making a living pursuing lure development for Musky fishing and/or guiding the general public in pursuit of our Musky friend is no easy task. Long hours on the water and significant personal investment in time and money are the under pinning of success in the cottage industry that is Musky angling.

This regard, however, does not preclude Musky America from expressing disagreement with a position taken by Musky Hunter Magazine or any other publication, focusing attention on representation inconsistencies and/or expressing the opinion of Musky America regarding any commercially published information related to Musky angling whether from Musky Hunter Magazine or some state or federal agency.

Our regard for the accomplishments of Musky notables on the water does not prevent us from expressing honest disagreement with their public pronouncements.